Our Team


Danny PArk, PhD

Danny Park is a co-founder and chief technical director at Encompass Bioscience. He received his PhD from the UCSF Pharmacogenomics and Pharmaceutical Sciences program. His work is focused around developing statistical methods for the analysis of genetic and medical data in admixed populations, such as African Americans or Hispanic Latinos. Currently he is working on understanding the effects of genetics versus environment for various phenotypes collected through electric health records. He received his BA in Mathematics from the University of Chicago and also worked as a software developer for 2 years before starting his PhD. In his free time, he enjoys running, watching movies, and being involved in motorsports.

Julian Homburger, Phd

Julian is a co-founder of Encompass Bioscience. He received his PhD from Stanford University where he worked in the research groups of Dr. Carlos Bustamante and Dr. Euan Ashley. He focuses on genetic ancestry and its clinical applications along with developing a better understanding of inherited cardiovascular diseases. He is especially passionate about translating research discoveries into clinical action, and has worked with genetic counselors and clinicians in the Stanford Center for Inherited Heart Disease to apply his research findings towards improving clinical genetic variant interpretation. In addition to his work at Stanford, Julian has consulted for multiple early-stage biotechnology companies. Prior to Stanford, Julian earned a BS in Biostatistics and Biological Sciences from Cornell University in 2013. In his free time, he enjoys riding horses, cooking, and skiing.

Scientific Advisors


Esteban Burchard, MD

Dr. Esteban Burchard is a member of the medical and scientific advisory board of Encompass Bioscience. Dr. Burchard is a Professor Dr. Burchard leverages epidemiology, medicine, and genomics to untangle why different human populations have differing rates of health and disease. Dr. Burchard uses the rich genetic diversity in worldwide populations to study complex gene-environment interactions. His research has specifically focused on disparities in asthma rates and treatment in Latino and African American populations.  

Chris Gignoux, Phd

Dr. Chris Gignoux is a founding member of the team and a scientific advisor to Encompass Bioscience. Dr. Chris Gignoux is also an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver and a founding scientific advisor to Encompass Bioscience. He is interested in the confluence of human evolution and epidemiology, particularly as applied to diverse, understudied populations across the world. His research program spans domains in genetics from inference of population history to statistical methods to understand better the influence of human prehistory on patterns of variation seen today. Dr. Gignoux was a population geneticist at 23andMe, Inc from 2007-2008, where he worked to develop the early ancestry analysis product. He has worked on population genetics of diverse populations and on genetic determinants of lung function throughout his academic career at UCSF, Stanford, and UC Denver. He is the director of the Personalized Ancestry Information Resource for the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine.

Eimear Kenny, Phd

Dr. Eimear Kenny is a founding member of the team and a scientific advisor to Encompass Bioscience. Dr. Kenny is also an Assistant Professor of Genetics and Genome Science at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and is a founding scientific advisor to Encompass Bioscience. Dr. Kenny works to realize the full potential of genomics, to infer human history and evolution, and to inform better models for clinical medicine. Her current focus is in developing statistical and genomic resources to enable functional genetic variant discovery in global populations. The long-term goal of her work is in translating these genetic discoveries into improved healthcare management strategies via collaborations with physicians and clinical researchers. She has worked extensively on clinical integration of genetic ancestry. She completed a B.Sc.in Biochemistry in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, a M.Sc. in Bioinformatics at the University of Leeds, England, and a Ph.D. in Statistical Genetics at Rockefeller University, New York. Dr. Kenny joined the faculty at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in November, 2012.

Miriam Udler, MD, PHD

Dr. Miriam Udler is a member of the medical advisory board to Encompass Bioscience and an endocrinology attending at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Udler's research focuses on the spectrum of rare and common genetic variation contributing to type 2 diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Dr. Udler trained as a genetic epidemiologist and now specializes in endocrine clinical genetics.

Noah Zaitlen, phd

Dr. Noah Zaitlen is a founding member of the team and a scientific advisor to Encompass Bioscience. Dr. Zaitlen is also an Assistant Professor at the University of California San Francisco Lung Biology Center and a founding scientific advisor to Encompass Bioscience. He develops statistical and computational tools to understand the genetic basis of complex phenotypes with special focus on human disease, variation in drug/treatment response, and disease outcomes. Current projects include the incorporation of environmental context into medical genetics methods, risk modeling from genetic data, and computational methods for high-dimensional RNA/DNA sequencing data. Dr. Zaitlen is also a member of the UCSF pharmacogenetics committee, which makes recommendations to the hospital for adoption and implementation of genetic tests. He has a long track record of developing statistical methods and releasing widely used software to the community.