from Reactive to Predictive medicine

Today's medicine reacts to disease. Tomorrow's medicine predicts disease and provides timely intervention to prevent it. 

At Encompass Bioscience, we are enabling the predictive medicine of the future. We use machine learning and data analytics to predict each individual's risk for disease outcomes based on a combination of clinical, genomic, and demographic factors. Predictive medicine is revolutionizing the entire healthcare ecosystem: from the way we build and test drugs to the ways in which we practice preventative screening. 


Our proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence processes learn a patient's disease risk from clinical, genomic, and demographic data. Our technology is changing all aspects of the medical system:

Clinical Trials

Our platform makes clinical trials more efficient. By enriching trials for those most at risk for outcomes, investigators can perform more powerful clinical trials with shorter timeframes and fewer patients.

Pharmaceutical Discovery

Partitioning risk can help to identify new targets for treatments and therapeutics. Identifying new targets and biomarkers for drug discovery can accelerate the translation of new discoveries to treatments for patients. 

health Insights

By identifying those who are most at risk, our technology ensures they receive the screening and treatment to identify and prevent disease before it happens. 



Full Time Team

  Danny Park   Co-founder

Danny Park


  Crystal Valdez   Director of Computation Biology

Crystal Valdez

Director of Computation Biology

Advisory Board

Esteban Burchard - University of California San Francisco

Chris Gignoux - University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus

Eimear Kenny - Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Miriam Udler - Massachusetts General Hospital

Noah Zaitlen - University of California San Francisco

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